• Lindisfarne Castle - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • North Shields Fish Quay - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Newcastle Rooftops in Snow - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Dunstanburgh Castle- Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Angel of the North - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Alnwick Castle - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Lindisfarne Castle - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Kielder Viaduct - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Deadwater - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Henrietta Street and 199 steps - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Saltburn Donkeys - Saltwell Beach - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Tees Transporter Bridge - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Blyth Harbour - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Cardinal Hume - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • High Level Bridge - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Bamburgh Beach - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Bamburgh Castle - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Roll of Dice Bamburgh - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Sycamore Gap, Hadrian Wall - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • The Strawberry Pub, Newcastle - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Millennium Bridge Newcastle - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Seaham Lighthouse - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Hartlepool Headland - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Flora Jane, Staithes - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Barn Owl - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Little Rabbit - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Seahouses - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Newcastle Town Moor - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England
  • Ullswater - Beautiful North East England - Visiting North East England

Local Artists Portray Beautiful North East England

Beautiful North East England – Through the Eyes of Our Talented Local Artists

What follows is a collection of artwork from people living in and around beautiful North East England.  Please read the introduction and click on the tabs to access the artwork.

We are delighted to feature some wonderful paintings and photography from Artists across our Beautiful North East England.   We want to say a massive thank you for all those who took part.  I hope you, the reader will take your time to look through the whole collection because they are simply lovely.

We have organised the artwork into tabulated sections so you can simply click and view without having to scroll too far down the page.

Thank you for visiting, we are delighted to share these great works showing our beautiful North East England off at its best.

Happy browsing!

About Pecographe:   From bases in Notting Hill, London and Northumberland in the far North East of England, we offer prints brought to you by the UK’s finest photographic printer and Europe’s best aluminium framer.

Lindisfarne Castle

Lindisfarne (Holy Island)  Image taken during low tide at Holy Island which allows safe passage across the causeway. Holy Island is a magically calm place which  allows you to “get away from it all” You can find Lindisfarne Castle Here

The Angel of the North

The sculpture that sits overlooking the A1 welcomes all new comers to the North-East of England. Designed by Antony Gormley, the sculpture is a beautiful addition to any list of must do things in the North-East of England. You can find The Angel of The North Here

Alnwick Castle

Stone lions guard the entrance to Alnwick castle, better know as the location of Hogwart’s in the Harry Potter films. Visitors are guaranteed a fantastic opportunity to immerse themselves in the Gardens in addition to the beauty of the Castle and it’s grounds.         You can find Alnwick Castle Here

North Shields Fish Quay : Newcastle rooftops : Dunstanburgh Castle by The North of England Art Club

About The North of England Art Club:  The North of England Art Club has over sixty members who paint together and share an interest in the visual arts. We are based in studios at The Newcastle Arts Centre in Westgate Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. If you live in the North East and think you might like to join us, contact us through our website www.northofenglandartclub.co.uk If you are interested in local history through artists’ eyes why not visit our special exhibition on the subject of “COAL”

Dunstanburgh Castle

Dunstanburgh Castle from Eric Freer’s sketch book. There are marvellous sites on the North East Coast for a day’s sketching out of doors with members of NoEAC.   You can find Dunstanburgh Castle Here

North Shields Fish Quay

North Shields Fish Quay by Ken Ayre this acrylic painting captures the industry of the Fish Quay. There is much for an artist to be inspired by in a walk from the quayside along the pier to the Mouth of the Tyne.   You can find North Shields Fish Quay Here

Newcastle Rooftops in The Snow

Newcastle rooftops in the snow by Harry Bell. The magnificent bridges over the Tyne offer unusual views of the city to inspire our artists.

Lindisfarne Castle, Holy Island : Kielder Viaduct: Deadwater Fell from Kielder Forest – by Judith Appleby

About Judith Appleby: The wild hills of North Northumberland, Kielder Forest and reservoir, the castles, and coastline from Lindisfarne to Tynemouth are subjects for local artist Judy Appleby. Judy paints in acrylics and sells only originals at affordable prices. Reproductions of her work are only available in her limited edition signed book “Northumberland Landscapes”. Judy’s studio is at The Biscuit Tin in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and a selection of her paintings are on show nearby at The Biscuit Factory gallery. Visit her website www.jaarti.com for further details and on-line galleries showing all work currently for sale.”


Lindisfarne Castle, Holy Island

Lindisfarne Castle, Holy Island. (in private collection) My paintings of Lindisfarne and other Northern Castles have led me to develop a unique style through emphasising the relationship of the buildings with landform. The strong geometry connects the building with its rocky outcrop site. You can find Lindisfarne Castle Here

Kielder Viaduct

Kielder Viaduct (owned by John The Clerk Wetherspoons at Cramlington) I have painted the stunning landscape of Kielder Water and high up in the surrounding hills and forest tracks. These views can be enjoyed from the lovely walk that encompasses Kielder and Bakethin Reservoirs. You can find Kielder Viaduct Here

Deadwater Fell from Kielder Forest

Deadwater Fell from Kielder Forest (on view upstairs with 15 of my Northumberland landscape paintings at St Mary’s Inn Stannington) From the top of Deadwater Fell you can see as far as Edinburgh to the North and South over Keilder Forest and the Northumberland National Park. I try to paint the way landscapes feel and are remembered with the emphasis on strong patterns of structures and bands of forestry. You can find Kielder Forest Here

Henrietta Street & 199 Steps’: Saltburn Donkeys : The Transporter Bridge – by Rita Readman

About Rita Readman: Rita was born in Teesside and has lived there all her life. From a very early age she was happiest being creative, drawing, painting and dressmaking. She attended Middlesbrough College of Art for 3 years but is partly self taught too. When family commitments eased, Rita taught calligraphy, drawing & painting at the Redcar F.E., until retiring 5 years ago. Some years earlier she took up stained glass work to add to her skills, and this has influenced her painting and the ‘Bright Lights’ series was born, which has become very popular. Rita also paints in watercolour and acrylic.


Henrietta Street & 199 Steps

We often visit Whitby, and this street on the East cliff leads to Fortune’s smoked kippers (which I love) and the pier. I always take my camera on such trips to take interesting scenes or images to paint later. I saw these figure walking back down Henrietta St. and my painting was soon created. You can find Henrietta Street Here

Saltburn Donkeys

Two years ago I took photos of the donkeys on Saltburn beach with a view to painting them in watercolour or acrylics. Well it just didn’t happen, and I came across my photo a couple of weeks ago and thought why not a ‘Brights’ donkey painting; and this is the result. You can find Saltburn Beach Here

Tees Transporter Bridge

The Bridge has just reopened again after a £4m revamp, so we just had to have a ride on it again. Painted in my ‘Bright Lights’ style. I love using strong bright colours. So vibrant. This painting is sold, but limited edition prints are available. You can find the Tees Transporter Bridge Here

High Level Bridge: Old Jetties at Battleship Wharf : Statue of Cardinal Hume – by Chris Trew

About Chris Trew: I have been using toy and vintage film cameras for six years now. My first toy camera was a Holga – a plastic-lensed Chinese beast that is beautiful in its simplicity, whereas my vintage Soviet cameras offer a world of over-engineered, clunky technology. The use of “expired” film often introduces unexpected, random vivid colours and all this adds to the uncertainty and delayed gratification that analogue photography offers. I organise a photo walk on the first Sunday of each month, details of which can be found on our Facebook page “Analogue Photography Newcastle”. Newcomers are very welcome – we’ll lend you a camera!

High Level Bridge

I took this photo on 120 slide film in my trusty Holga. It was taken at night, so I had to guess how long to hold the shutter open. Cross-processing the slide film gave me a completely unexpected beautiful blue tint. You can find the High Level Bridge Here

Old Jetties at Battleship Wharf

Taken with a 1970s Hanimex camera using 110 film that expired in 2008. I paid the princely sum of 99p for the camera and the film came with it. The mysterious purple marks suggest that the film wasn’t in peak condition!You can find Battleship Wharf Here

Statue of Cardinal Hume

127 film was once very popular but production finally ceased in 2013. I love the colour tone that this film offers but I’m now down to my last few rolls so I’m using it sparingly. This shot was taken using a 1950s Italian “Bencini Comet” camera.. You can find the Statue of Cardinal Hume Here

Bamburgh Castle: Roll of the Dice : Bamburgh Beach – by Carolyn Farthing-Dunn

About Carolyn Farthing-Dunn: Married with a son. I live in Consett, Co. Durham. Been taking photos since I was a teenager. Favourite subjects are action shots of birds and sunsets/sunrises. My favourite places for photography is Northumberland and the Lakes. I enjoy walking and travelling. Last year we travelled across America along old Route 66. Amazing experience and was also able to take some amazing photographs.


Bamburgh Beach

A Walk to the Castle. My favourite place, Bamburgh. No matter what time of day you walk on this beach, you always feel like your the only one there. That’s my son and our dog, taken during a holiday last year.You can find Bamburgh Beach Here

Roll of the Dice

Roll of the Dice. Again, taken at Bamburgh during another holiday. Ive taken a lot of photos of these dice at various times of the year and day, rocks aren’t always visible and the red paint takes on a different tint. You can find Roll of the Dice Here

Bamburgh Castle

Cricket Anyone?  Bamburgh. I just can’t get enough of the place. I saw the game being played as we drove past from a day out. I just thought it looked terribly British and just had to stop. Perfect photo opportunity, not to be passed up. You can find Bamburgh Castle Here

The Strawberry Pub: Sycamore Gap, Hadrian’s Wall: Millenium Bridge – by North East Art Collective

About North East Art Collective: We are a unique art & design gallery in the Eldon Garden, in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne. We showcase and sell the work of over 145 LOCAL artist and designers, with over 2000 pieces of art, including original oils & acrylics, photography, ceramics, textiles, bespoke furniture, glass and much much more! Make sure you leave plenty of time for your visit-there is lots to see!


The Strawberry Pub

The iconic local right next door to St James Park.  You can find The Strawberry Pub Here

Sycamore Gap

The infamous ‘Robin Hood Tree’ from the movie ‘Robin, Prince of Thieves’. This can be found on the way to Hadrians Wall, in the beautiful Northumberland landscape.  You can find Sycamore Gap Here

Millenium Bridge

This photograph shows the stunning bridge in the evening-a must see if you are visiting this amazing city!   You can find the Millenium Bridge Here

Storm at Seaham Lighthouse: Hartlepool Headland: Flora Jane, Staithes – by Sue Nichol

About Sue Nichol: My paintings are of places I know very well and visit over and over again, both literally and imaginatively. I am attracted to the ‘edges of the land’ including our fabulous and varied coastline as well as the rocky edges to be found throughout the British landscape. My love of the sea stems from my childhood. I was born in Hartlepool on the North East coast and visited the little fishing village of Staithes often, as I still do today. The fishing cobles to be found on the North East coast serve as my models. They have a unique shape that reflects their Viking heritage, being clinker built with a rounded belly, flat stern and pointed bow. They are a challenge to paint but mine have all been pronounced sea worthy by the local fishermen. A great compliment indeed. I find constant inspiration in the sea in all its moods and it is a subject to which I am invariably drawn, striving always to capture its movement and strength, which I find both fascinating and frightening.


Storm At Seaham Lighthouse

I love to capture the strength and mood of the North sea, the stormier the better. I hope you can feel the spray in your face when viewing this piece.   You can find Seaham Lighthouse Here

Hartlepool Headland

I was born in Hartlepool and although I no longer live their I am still inspired the area and often re visit, even if sometimes only in my imagination. This painting was a commission done for two other Hartlepool exiles.  You can find Hartlepool Headland Here

Flora Jane, Staithes

I love to paint the fishing boats of the North East coast, the cobles and double enders which are unique to the area. They are challenge to paint but one I relish.  You can find Flora Jane, Staithes Here

Barn Owl: Little rabbit : – by Rebecca Vose

About Rebecca Vose:I am a self-taught artist living in Northumberland. I was born in Ashington but grew up in the Scottish borders and then moved around the UK finally settling again in Northunberland. I specialise in graphite pencil animal and pet drawings and portraits. I have enjoyed drawing from a very early age but only started to focus more on my artwork within the last 5 years. I work to commission and independently creating artwork of the animals and wildlife we find around us here in the UK. I draw portraits from photographs of the subject. My website shows my previous drawings and hosts a shop with prints of my original artworks as well as various merchandise featuring my work.


Barn Owl

This is a pencil drawing that I created of a barn owl owned by Riverside Falconry. I came across them when I put out a request for photographs featuring wildlife including owls. John Kirtley was kind enough to let me have the use of his photographs featuring his magnificent birds of prey and I instantly fell in love with the photo of his barn owl. The photograph this was taken from was taken at Newburn Riverside Park, Newcastle upon Tyne by Riverside Falconry.

Little Rabbit

This ‘little rabbit’ was photographed on a piece of grass land next to the railway track not far from our house. I wanted to draw more of the wildlife living in Britain but especially within the north east and when I captured this little one I knew I had to draw it. The photograph that this was taken from was taken on grassland on Westmoorland Way, Cramlington.


Seahouses: Newcastle Town Moor: Ullswater – by Mark Innes

About Mark Innes: Mark is local photographer, who takes beautiful photographs of the North East, mainly around Newcastle where he is based.  He has a wonderful collection of great photography taken across the world.  He has been known to shoot the odd wedding and fashion shoot, so his talents are many!



Wonderful shot of seahouse, capturing the rainbow and reflection.   You can find Seahouses Here

Newcastle Town Moor

Capturing the beauty of the Town Moor at night, bringing out the vibrant colours against the night sky.   You can find Newcastle Town Moor Here


Fabulous image of Ullswater catching the beauty and the scope of the lake at dusk.   You can find Ullswater Here

The Bandstand: Roker Park – by Louis McDonough

About Louis McDonough: Louis is definitely displaying his talent at an early age.  At only five he has already began featuring work from the wonderful North East England, beginning in his home City of Sunderland.  


The Bandstand, Roker Park

5 Year old Louis displays his wonderful artwork of The Bandstand, Roker Park, in the Spring.  We think he’s onto a winner!    You can find Roker Park Here





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