We want your listing to be completed easily and without any problems.  We have compiled this important step by step guide to get the most out of your listing and to prevent any delays.  Please read and complete all steps before submitting your listing.  

Search engines will only index quality business directories.  For that reason we have had no option but to insist on some minimum quality criteria for listings.  Getting this right might take you a few minutes more to complete your profile, but might win you more business in the long run!  After all you don’t want your business associated with low grade business directories!   For more information see our terms and conditions.

There are four tabs for you to complete.    Here are some hints for completing the tabs:Tab 1 is your basic listing information.  Listing Title, is the name of your company.   Enter up to 10 Listing Tags.    Please select one category only, if you select more than one, only one will show on the map.  Next:  Your Listing Description – 
Completion of your Listing Description is mandatory and should be at least 300 words long.  It is better if you write it in the third person, as then you are able to mention your company name lots of times!  This is important for search engine optomisation.   For example:  ” I provide great facilities, teas and coffees.  Tourists love our faciliities because they have a fun day” isn’t ideal.  The best way is “ABC(Name of Business) provides great facilities and all our visitors have a fun day.  “ABC(Name of Business)  gives a unique and fun experience for our customers.”  Your company name (or your own name if that is the name you are trading by)  should feature at least once or twice for every 100 words.  We accept one back link to your site in addition to your website URL, however, this must not include any  words used in our categories, for example “Hotels”, or “Your company name)”.  This is because Google takes a dim view of directories with multiple backlinks and also backlinks to other sites with our own categories, will adversely affect our search ranking – Next:  Location –
Under the 2nd tab; Other information, you will find the first two entries determine your location.  On the first field, select your location if it is showing from the drop down menu.  Don’t worry if it isn’t there, simply leave it on the default continent.  On the next field, type in the  full postal address of your business, including any post or area code.  At minimum your address should include your city.  (If youwork globally you can highlight in the listing description).  To activate the map, then press the return key on your keyboard.  Your location should then be marked on the map.  – Next: Contact information –
Staying on the 2nd tab and underneath the map, you need to complete your contact information including social media.  Please use http:// when inputting URL’s.  You will see there is a facility to input further fields in this part.  It is important to add in your blog details here.  To add further details simply click the relevant button.  In the field title simply enter “ABC(Your company name)” for example,  and in the field contents, enter your URL.  You can add up to 3 further URL’s including social media sites like, Linkedin or links to products and services. – Next: Featured Image –  
Under the media tab you have an opportunity to upload a featured image.  To optomise your profile it is recommended an image be uploaded.  For the best resolution, your featured image should be  670  x 400 pixels.  Please note the image setting is responsive!  That means if you upload a photo 100 px X 100 px, it will default to 670 px X 670 px.  If not the exact dimensionsof 670 x 400 px, it should be proportionate,  i.e. 335px X 200 px, although the resolution may not be good.    You are also able to load a video.  PLEASE NOTE!  It is only the video ID which needs to be input, NOT the whole URL!  so for example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhni_JH7McY, should be input as: yhni_JH7McY  
Once you have completed all the above 5 steps you are ready to submit your listing.  Once you have hit the submit button, your listing will be reviewed within 24 hours and approved.  In exceptionally busy times, or at times of high levels of uploads,  we undertake to have your listing approved within 48 hours.  If your profile is uploaded on a Saturday or Sunday, it will be approved on the following Monday.  Thank you so much for listing your business with the Visiting North East England.  We look forward to helping you get your message out!

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